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Why choose this service?
This service is most suitable for vacancies where suitable candidates can be found via normal advertising, referral, or database search. It’s our most economical service and the fee is due only if you decide to hire one of our candidates.

How does it work?
We like to discuss the requirement directly with you, to ensure we understand the position in detail. Once we have understood the brief we will go to market and search for suitable candidates. If possible, we like to agree a short period exclusive of other agencies to perform the service. We take a measured and thorough approach, considering all applicants before sending you the best. You’ll receive a brief candidate profile with each CV.

What results can I expect?
We make a significant commitment of time and resources to the recruitment process. The result being, you spend less time recruiting and swiftly hire quality, motivated candidates that are productive and stay.

How do I know I'll get a good return on my investment?
The high quality of candidates presented will become apparent and you’ll see the results quickly. Personal client and candidate endorsements are available on request.

How long will the process take?
Typically one to three weeks from discussing the requirement to interviewing our shortlisted candidates.

Do you offer a guarantee?
This service includes a 12 week guarantee, details of which are included in our terms of business.