About us

Our aim is getting recruitment right first time and every time, ensuring your business is filled with very special people that your competitors struggle to attract. Those individuals that most companies have in ones and twos that hold things together. The kind of people that not only help your business achieve its objectives, but collaborate, innovate, produce and perform well above expectation, without incident.

Applying a detailed recruitment process to each requirement brings best results, maximising recruitment speed, accuracy and improved candidate quality. With Leadsearch you can expect to hire quickly and successfully, freeing you of otherwise wasted time, effort and money.

John Houston, Founder and Director

John created Leadsearch to deliver a personal service, dedicated to the expectations and interests of those it serves. He has placed over 500 people in the IT, internet, telecoms and media markets, during which time he's developed a thorough understanding of recruitment best practice.


If you need any further information or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.