How can we help you?

By working with Leadsearch our clients are able to hire better people quicker, reduce overall cost of hire, spend more time on core business and enjoy improved employee retention and productivity. 

Typical Recruiting Problems


  • Recruitment too time consuming

  • A deluge of CV's, candidates and interviews to deal with

  • Hiring is a hit-and-miss affair, most work out, some don’t and those that don’t cause big problems

  • Suspect there are better candidates out there than those you're seeing

  • Would like to improve staff retention

  • Fed up dealing with lots of agencies

Leadsearch Solutions

  • Saves time and administration in the recruitment process so you can concentrate on your job

  • Drastically reduces the number of CV's you have to read and interviewees per hire

  • Solves recruitment problems, troubleshooting tough-to-fill roles

  • Enables you to out-compete your rivals to the best candidates

  • Uncovers the real opportunity to attract the best candidates

  • Ensures candidates receive a professional and personal service, reflecting positively on you, your department and business

If any of these problems sound familiar, or solutions interesting, call and put us to the test, we won't let you down.